The easiest way to explain how to put the foam pit together is by showing it. Mom Gena Jaffe did just that. Click here for the video.

Mom Lauren installed the rock wall panels herself and filmed it! You can find the video and other tips here.

A summary for the instruction manual can be found here.

Make sure your walls are ready for your mural or decal. Instructions to get the best result can be found here.

Click here for the video showing you how to adjust the length of the swings.

Hardware to install climbing nets to the ceiling and floor are NOT included. We recommend contacting your contractor to determine the safest hardware to use based on the space you have available. Weight or force limits depend on the hardware used to hang the net.

Our designer ceiling curl hooks can be screwed into plywood, and are perfect for gentle back and forth swinging.

These ceiling hangers are ideal for our indoor climbing ropes.

Other ceiling hanging options can be found at your local hardware store or on Amazon. This is one of the options we found.

We recommend consulting with a licensed General Contractor to evaluate space and ceiling for safety for all installations. 

You most definitely can, but we recommend consulting a licensed general contractor before you get started.

Mom Molly transformed her playroom together with her husband and filmed it all. You can find her videos here.

At this time we are not partnered with any contracting companies and we do not provide contractor recommendations. 


The measurements of our monkey bars are perfect for standard stud placement. Studs are generally spaced 16” apart (from the middle of one stud to the middle of the next), and our monkey bars are 16" from mounting hole to mounting hole.

  • 19" from end to end
  • 6" from hole to hole
  • 4" from curve to curve

Our flat monkey bars are 23" and perfect for rooms with high, slanted or a dropdown ceiling or to build a stand-alone structure.

Our long ninja climbing bars are a great way to add an extra challenge to your ninja course. Or use it as a railing for your stairs to get that designer look!

We've actually found that our customers prefer the shorty size as it fits perfectly between the wall studs of the average home and are therefore easier to install.

Monkey bars can be installed with a visible or invisible wooden studs, and we recommend spacing the bars 12" to 18" apart. For full details click here.

We also recommend consulting with a licensed general contractor to evaluate space ans walls for safety for all installations.

For your safety screws and hardware are not included with our monkey bars and are not sold in our store. Your walls and ceiling will determine what type of screws, bolts, anchors and/or locking nuts are needed to safely install the monkey bars. We recommend consulting with a licensed general contractor to evaluate space and walls for safety for all installations.

For our monkey bar installation guide please click here

They definitely can! All our monkey bars are perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

It is up to you, but we recommend spacing the bars 12” to 18” apart. Read our blog Everything Monkey Bar for lots more details.

If you are planning to mount the monkey bars next to a wall with rock wall holds we recommend to place them 18"off the wall. If the monkey bars are mounted next to an empty wall we recommend 12" off the wall. 

Read our blog Everything Monkey Bar for lots more details.

Most customers install our bars to ceilings 10 ft high or less. Consider the capabilities and size of your child and be sure to check out our Tumbling section for soft landings.

Our monkey bars are made of durable powder coated metal in all of our custom colors, therefore we cannot guarantee any paint you purchase will match these colors exactly.

Please notify us of any monkey bar returns via email at

The return address can be found on the shipping label on the box the monkey bar arrived in. The monkey bars need to be unused and in their original boxes to be eligible for return. For best protection, please make sure to securely wrap each bar individually before putting it back in the box.

Monkey bars shipped to Alaska, Hawaii and Canada are NOT RETURNABLE even if they arrive with chipped paint.


We’ve included measurements with each of our products so you can determine what will fit best in the space you have available. At the moment, it is not possible to customize any of the products that we carry.

Everyone's eye for color is different but yes, we try to provide the most accurate color description and photographs with proper lighting of each product. 

For products made of varying materials we cannot guarantee they will match one another exactly. 

For residential playroom designs we recommend reaching out to our sister company Smart Playrooms (

Project Playroom currently takes on 4-6 luxury commercial design jobs per year with a minimum budget of $100,000.To inquire about a commercial playroom design please email us at


We currently do not ship outside the USA due to the weight and size of most of our products. Some items can be shipped to Alaska and Hawaii as well. Check here

Monkey bars can be shipped to Canada, but they are NOT RETURNABLE even if they arrive damaged. This is due to the cost of shipping and due to customs opening the boxes and not always being considerate when closing it again. This can result in the monkey bars rubbing against each other in transit and damaging the paint.  

For full details click here.

If you ordered multiple items, you will receive them in different shipments at different times. Our manufacturer can't always process multiple items from one order at the same time, which means you may receive your items at different times. 

The shipping costs varies widely as many of our products are either heavy or bulky or both. The rock wall panels and sometimes our foam pits are special freight deliveries. 

The cost of shipping can be found on the page of each product. An overview can be found here.

Due to the fact that most of our products are made-to-order we do not provide expedited shipping. Once your items are manufactured they will be shipped out as soon as possible. For the latest info on shipping and delivery click here

Tracking numbers are sent out as soon as we receive them. On occasion, due to weekends and holidays, you may receive your tracking number after your item has already been delivered. 

Please allow 24 hours for the couriers to activate your tracking number and provide the estimated delivery date. If you have any further concerns feel free to email us at

We need to ship our panels via LTL freight due to the weight and size of the shipment and have found this to be the the most secure way to get you your panels in perfect condition.


Almost all of our products are custom made especially for you, and are therefore NOT RETURNABLE. The only exception are our Monkey Bars, and of course in the rare occasion a product arrives damaged. Our full return policy can be found here.

Please email us within 24 hours after submitting your order if you want to cancel your order. We can be reached at:

In general orders are processed within 2 busines days (Monday through Friday, excluding holidays). Once an order has been processed, it cannot be canceled.

In the rare occasion that an item arrives damaged or that you received the wrong item, please take a photo within 24 hours of delivery and email them to If we are unable to replace your item we will process a refund. 

Make sure to inspect products upon arrival! Full details here.

If you ordered rock wall panels, foam pit, foam mat or foam cubes they may arrive by special freight delivery.

Prior to delivery expect a phone call from the carrier to arrange delivery time and details. Avoid letting calls go to voicemail. You want to talk to the carrier ASAP.

IMPORTANT: Don't sign the paperwork the truck driver gives you before reading all the details on this page.


For the most accurate quote, including shipping and tax, please add each item to your cart and proceed to checkout.

No, all purchases must be made directly through our website.

In short bolt-on holds go into pre-drilled holds in our rock wall panels, and screw-on holds can be screwed directly into wood.

For all the details click here.

Feel free to clean our products using your favorite non-abrasive cleaner or sanitizing spray. 

All the information for California residents can be found here.


For the foam in the safe foam mats, foam pits, foam triangle, and soft play shapes - click here

For the vinyl cover on our safe foam mats, soft play shapes, foam pits, and foam triangle - click here

For the foam cubes - click here

For our vinyl mats and fitness carpets - click here

Special people and organizations deserve a special discount! Military, veterans, military families and non-profit organizations receive a 15% discount storewide. Thank you for all you do! ❤️👏

Full details can be found here.

For our records we ask that you contact us via email first to see how we can best be of service. If you would like to schedule a phone call from a member of our team you may do so by emailing


Bulky, heavy or both? We'll get it to you! Check all delivery times and shipping costs here.