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Inspect Products Upon Arrival

Open boxes as soon as they arrive to inspect for any damages or errors as we need to hear from you within 24 hours of delivery (does NOT apply to freight carrier delivery).

IMPORTANT: Ordered heavy or bulky items? Don't sign the paperwork the truck driver gives you before reading all the details below.

We get it. It's very tempting to accept your order and put it to the side, because you first want to finish painting the wall or you're waiting for your new floors to arrive. Please don't! It's rare, but every now and then an item arrives damaged or somehow (even more rare) we managed to ship you the wrong item.

You're only eligible for a return or refund if you notify us within 24 hours of delivery of any damages (does NOT apply to freight carrier delivery). It's therefore key to open your box and inspect the goods. If your order will be delivered via a freight carrier, please keep reading.

DID YOU ORDER ROCK WALL PANELS, FOAM PIT, FOAM MAT or FOAM CUBES? These products are heavy or bulky or both and are therefore shipped through a 3rd party LTL (Less Than Truckload) freight carrier or FedEx Freight. Prior to delivery expect a phone call from the carrier to arrange delivery time and details. Avoid letting calls go to voicemail. You want to talk to the carrier ASAP.

IMPORTANT: READ THE INSTRUCTIONS BELOW BEFORE YOU SIGN THE PAPERWORK OF THE FREIGHT CARRIER. Signing the delivery receipt without noting the word ‘’DAMAGED” states that you have received the shipment in good condition, free of any damages. We are not responsible for replacing damaged products that have not been noted on the delivery paperwork as damaged.

  • DO NOT SIGN for your shipment until you have inspected the packaging and the products thoroughly for any damages.
  • If your inspection results in finding the product is damaged, clearly record the details with photo/video evidence. NOTE: It is possible for the outer packaging to be damaged but not affect the product.
  • Write the word “DAMAGED” on the delivery receipt BEFORE signing it.
  • If the driver attempts to pressure you into signing and accepting the goods without allowing enough time to inspect the goods, note this on the delivery paperwork as well and contact us.
  • If you have no intentions of using the damaged goods, even at a discounted price, please REFUSE the shipment. This will help expedite our claims process and shipping replacement products.
  • If the damage is minimal and will not affect the utility/enjoyment of the product, please ACCEPT the shipment. We can then discuss the opportunity for a discount, depending on the extent of the damage.
  • Please be prepared to provide photos of the damage and a copy of the signed delivery paperwork.
  • Please do not request any services directly through the freight company to avoid high-cost charges.
  • After delivery: Contact us within 24 hours of receiving or refusing damaged products:



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