We believe every family should have a space in their home that engages children in play!


As the founder of Project Playroom and also CEO of Smart Playrooms, Karri Bowen-Poole has spent the last 10 years revolutionizing the way children learn and play with her innovative and educational playroom design services. This allowed her to recognize three key problems:

1) Excessive screen time interferes with child development
2) Children outgrow most toys and playsets very quickly
3) It can be difficult to find products designed for engaging indoor play

Karri curated, developed and designed playroom products that changes the way kids play. Her ambition and expertise led her to create the first designer playroom store! 



Hi, I’m Project Playroom Founder Karri Bowen-Poole! I’m a mom of 3 based in New York. As the founder and CEO of Smart Playrooms I’ve spent the past 10 years specializing in educational design. I have a Master’s Degree in Education. My passion has always been to revolutionize the way kids learn through play.

A seedling of an idea came to me one night, and 10 years later my vision has flourished unimaginably. I’ve had the opportunity to design hundreds of residential playrooms for families including Nicky Hilton, Dylan Lauren, and Dan Girardi. I regularly receive inquiries from around the world and my work has been featured in a variety of magazines like House Beautiful, CT&G, and The New York Times.

I take pride in customizing each room I design to fit the needs and interests of the children. Every child has different needs and deserves a space suited to them. My drive comes from knowing that I’m helping kids reach their full potential while also making my family proud. I created Project Playroom to give everyone access to the quality sensory and gross motor products I use in my Smart Playroom designs.

Light and Love,
Karri Bowen-Poole


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