Monkey Bars for Kids

Let your kids go bananas with our monkey bars! They’ll love swinging endlessly and you’ll love seeing them active and happy while developing their gross motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Did you know monkey bars have an enormous effect on children’s confidence and emotional development? Check out our Long Ninja Climbing Bars and our Flat Monkey Bars as well.

Bring all the benefits of monkey bars
with a designer look right into your home!

Educational & Healthy

Just keep swinging! Bring all the benefits of monkey bars right into your home! Suitable for outdoor as well.

designer colors

Many unique one-of-a-kind designer colors to create a stunning space. A great and easy way to get your kids active.


Available in 3 sizes: regular monkey bars (19"), long ninja climbing bars (35"), and flat monkey bars (23"). Let kids go bananas in small and large spaces.

Easy To Clean

Made of durable powder coated metal. Solid, sturdy, and easy to clean with any non-abrasive cleaner.

“So much fun! Our daughter absolutely loves her in room monkey bars! And I’m glad she’s got a place to do some physical activity at home. These are solid and sturdy. We installed ourselves in less than an hour.” - Madeline

The Benefits

Monkey bars are challenging and kids LOVE challenges! Monkey across one by one, skip a bar, skip two bars, go backwards - the possibilities are endless

  • Allows kids to make decisions and problem solve without turning to an adult for help
  • It makes exercise seem like a game.
  • It builds strength in kids' grip, arms and core.
  • It builds fine and gross motor skills.

And monkey bars are also a confidence builder as they will challenge your child both mentally and physically. It takes practice, strength and determination to get all the way across. They will have to persevere and keep trying to conquer the skill. Monkey bars are a great way to teach kids that determination, hard work and effort bring success!


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