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spring swing

Gabriela Noelle

As a mom of two-year-old twin girls, Gabriela sees how playing can build problem-solving skills, stimulate the mind and boost creativity, calm the nervous-system, and encourage activity during a time where outdoor play has been challenging. Her first collection with Project Playroom is inspired by the 1980’s design era called Post-Modernism, an era of unadulterated expression and lighthearted décor.  Project Playroom is the perfect platform to encourage play through fun and creative pieces that will look great in your home.



Discover the transformative power of Montessori Inspired Design in the comfort of your own home with our new Montessori Collection. These carefully curated natural wood items create a simple uncluttered environment where playtime becomes an enriching and balanced experience. You'll notice your children’s ability to focus as they engage with this simple collection designed to promote independent thinking, sensory exploration, and gross motor skills. You can now effortlessly create an uncluttered space that fosters holistic development while embracing the renowned Montessori principles!


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