When will my order arrive?

Shipping & Delivery

Orders are processed Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. Holidays and peak sales periods may affect your delivery timeframe. The estimated delivery time and shipping cost can be found in the product description of each product or below.

Orders are processed Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. Holidays and peak sales periods may affect your shipping timeframe. Once an order has been processed, it cannot be canceled. Please email us within 24 hours after submitting your order if you changed your mind. We can be reached at: info@projectplayroom.com. Full Return & Cancellation Policy can be found here

Almost all of our items are custom made just for you, and therefore may take up to 3 to 6 weeks to arrive depending on the product. The estimated delivery time can be found in the product description of each product or in the list below. Please be patient with your order. We will email you an update of your order and a tracking number for each item once your order has shipped. 

You will receive them in different shipments at different times 
Our manufacturer can't always process multiple items from one order at the same time, which means you may receive your items at different times. 

We currently do not ship outside the USA due to the weight and size of most of our products. Some items can be shipped to Alaska and Hawaii as well. See list below.

Monkey bars can be shipped to Canada, but they are NOT RETURNABLE even if they arrive damaged. This is due to the cost of shipping and due to customs opening the boxes and not always being considerate when closing it again. This can result in the monkey bars rubbing against each other in transit and damaging the paint.  

- Provinces we ship to: Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Quebec, and Saskatchewan
- Shipping costs are $95 per box with a maximum of 10 monkey bars per box
- The shipment will incur duty and taxes which is the responsibility of the buyer not Project Playroom.
- We will mark the shipment as the recipient being responsible for duty and taxes.
- Canadian duty is typically ~9.5% plus ~12% tax for the monkey bars = ~ 21.5%. However they can go as high as 100%--125%. Taxes and duties are assessed by Canadian customs not by Project Playroom.
- UPS will collect duty and taxes at time of delivery. 
- No refund will be given even if the buyer refuses the shipment. 

    Please email us if you are interested in other product(s) as we may be able to make shipping happen. It will be a special order which will increase shipping costs and in some cases import tax will be added. We can be reached at info@projectplayroom.com.  

    The shipping costs varies widely as many of our products are either heavy or bulky or both. The rock wall panels and sometimes our foam pits are special freight deliveries. 

    - Monkey Bars: up to 10 bars $25 | FREE when buying 10 or more
    - Monkey Bars to Hawaii & Alaska: $125 per box with a maximum of 10 monkey bars per box
    - Mural and Decals: FREE shipping
    - Swings, ladders, trapeze, cocoon: FREE shipping
    - Rings: FREE shipping
    - Ceiling hooks: $5 per set | FREE shipping for 3 sets or more
    - Mats:
    - Safe Foam Mat 4x4x4: $140 per product
    - Safe Foam Mat 4x8x4: $250 per product
    - Playroom Washable Vinyl 5x10: $50 per product
    - Playroom Washable Vinyl 10x10: $75 per product
    - Smart Play Fitness Carpet 4x6: Free shipping
    - Smart Play Fitness Carpet 5x10: $50 per product
    - Smart Play Fitness Carpet: 10x10: $75 per product
    - Wall Pads:
    - 2'x4', 2'x5', 2'x6': Free shipping
    - 2'x7': $40 per product
    - 2'x8': $60 per product
    - Ropes & Nets: $25 per product

    - Rock Wall Holds, Ninja Balls, Ninja Cones: $25 per set | FREE shipping for 4 sets or more
    - Rock Wall Panel: Calculated based on delivery address
    - Foam Pit 5x5x2: $250 per product | 
             - 2 boxes 62"x26"x13" | 20 lbs each
    - Foam Pit 6x6x2: $350 per product
             - 2 boxes 75"x17"x51" | 94 lbs each
    - Foam Pit 8x8x2: $450 per product
             - 2 boxes 99"x17"x53" | 156 lbs each
    - Mini Foam Pit: $65 per product
             - 1 box 36'x28'x16' | 15 lbs
    - Foam Triangle: $150 per product
    - Smart Shapes: $50 per product
    - Foam Cubes 6"x6":
            - Set of 256 cubes: $250
            - Set of 320 cubes: $300
            - Set of 448 cubes: $350
            - Set of 64 cubes: $65
            - Set of 150 mini cubes: $65
    - Neon Lights: Between $35 - $95 
    - Slides: Between $400 - $1,400

      Holidays and peak sales periods may effect shipping timeframe.
      These estimated times include processing, manufacturing, and shipping times.

      - Monkey Bars: 2 weeks
        (also ships to Alaska, Hawaii & several provinces in Canada)
      - Mural and Decals: 2 to 3 weeks
      - Ropes & Nets: 2 to 3 weeks
      - Swings, ladders & trapeze: 3 weeks
      - Ceiling hooks: 2 weeks
      - Rings: 2 weeks
        (also ships to Alaska, Hawaii & several provinces in Canada)
      - Cocoons: 4 weeks
      - Rock Wall Panels: 4 weeks*
      - Rock Wall Panels - natural wood: plus 2 weeks = 6 weeks*
      - Rock Wall Holds, Ninja Balls, Ninja Cones: 2 weeks 
        (also ships to several provinces in Canada)
      - Safe Foam Floor Mats: 5 to 6 weeks*
      - Vinyl Mats & Fitness Carpet: 5 to 6 weeks 
      PLEASE NOTE: When ordering 5 or more fitness carpets or vinyl mats delivery time is 8-10 weeks.  
      - PLEASE NOTE: Lead time of 10'x10' mats with built-in connect is 8-10 weeks

      - Foam Pit: 5 to 6 weeks* 
      - (Triangle) Foam Shapes: 5 to 6 weeks*
      - Wall Pads: 5 to 6 weeks*
      - Foam Cubes: 4 weeks
      - Neon Lights: 4 to 5 weeks
      - Slides: 10-12 weeks*
        * These items are mostly special freight delivery which means you will receive a phone call to set up a delivery day and time once the product is ready to ship. Someone is required to be home to accept the delivery and check for damages upon delivery.

        Bulky, heavy or both? We'll get it to you! Check all delivery times and shipping costs here.