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Lauren from Bay Area Moms is thrilled with how her playroom was transformed from a plain white box into the ultimate playroom for her three kids (ages 7, 4 and 2). She now has the playroom that is the envy of the moms, and all the friends want to have playdates at her house!

Lauren wanted to create a space that her kids could grow into and they would enjoy for years to come. She also didn’t want to worry about destroying the playroom by making a huge mess with clutter and toys, especially when friends come over. So she focused on big gross motor products.

She did not realize that she was building a space that would have an extra bonus! "A huge perk with having a fun playroom is that my kids want to play at my house with their friends. The noise level is definitely higher, but it brings me comfort knowing they are safe and protected. I get to know their friends and I know what they are doing.” Lauren is already cherishing these fleeting moments that she gets to spend with her kids and their friends.

Project Playroom products not only create incredible play spaces, but also create lasting memories! 

Installation Tips: Rockwall Panels

  1. Make sure the frame is leveled then find and mark the studs.
  2. Drill one inch hole to countersink the bolt so the bolt doesn't stick out past the frame.
  3. Use your muscle to drill the bolts in the studs*
  4. Attach the peg board to the frame by bolting the four corners.
  5. Screw in the holds.
  6. Took 2-3 hours to install.
  7. Enjoy.

* Structural fasteners to attach the frame to your wall are not included.



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