How to install monkey bars?
It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Purchase 2” x 4”s wooden studs and mount these directly on the wooden studs inside your wall and ceiling. We recommend painting these studs before mounting the monkey bars onto them. Screws and hardware are not included as your walls and ceiling will determine what screws and locking nuts are needed to safely install the monkey bars. We recommend getting at least 2” thick screws plus washers. 

If you want a seamless look your contractor will first take down the sheetrock and re-support the walls and ceiling. Once the walls and ceiling are closed up again the monkey bars can be mounted directly onto the walls and ceiling. Or if you have beams in your play area or can create beams in your play area you can mount the monkey bars directly on those!

The measurements of our monkey bars are perfect for standard stud placement. Studs are generally spaced 16” apart (from the middle of one stud to the middle of the next). This means our monkey bars can result in less construction which means less time, less money to pay for installation. When installed properly the bars can hold up to 250 lbs. We always recommend consulting with a licensed contractor before any monkey bar installation, as the walls and ceilings need to be evaluated first for safety and weight limitations.

For our 1 pager installation guide - CLICK HERE

“So much fun! Our daughter absolutely loves her in room monkey bars! And I’m glad she’s got a place to do some physical activity at home. These are solid and sturdy. We installed ourselves in less than an hour.” - Madeline 

How Many Do I Need?

We get this question all the time and it's really up to the you and the amount of space you have. Typically we use 10 monkey bars on the ceiling and if you want to create a ladder up the wall we use 7 bars for a 9’ high ceiling.

We recommend spacing the bars 12” to 18” apart.
See how Molly installed the monkey bars and tested them! For her full room make-over guide - CLICK HERE.

If you are planning to mount the monkey bars next to a wall with rock wall holds we recommend to place them 18 inches off the wall. If the monkey bars are mounted next to an empty wall we recommend 12 inches off the wall. 

Screws & hardware NOT included

For your safety screws and hardware are not included with our monkey bars and are not sold in our store. Your walls and ceiling will determine what type of screws, bolts, anchors and/or locking nuts are needed to safely install the monkey bars. We recommend consulting with a licensed General Contractor to evaluate space and walls for safety for all installations.

Are Monkey Bars Safe?
Yes! And Fun!

Always consult with a licensed contractor to evaluate the walls and ceilings before installing your monkey bars. We also recommend a soft landing under your monkey bars. Check out our mats here. We also love placing a foam pit underneath.

Monkey Bars will always be challenging to kids and kids LOVE challenges! Once a child has mastered going across them one by one, they can skip a bar, then two bars, go backwards, etc. – the possibilities are endless. A playroom should be an engaging space that allows children to make decisions and problem solve without turning to an adult for help.

That’s not all. Monkey Bars have so many other benefits. It makes exercise seem like a game. It builds strength in kids' grip, arms and core - and it builds fine and gross motor skills!

Lastly, monkey bars can build confidence in kids because they challenge kids both mentally and physically. It takes practice, strength and determination to get all the way across. They may not conquer it the first time but if they persevere and keep trying, they will end up being successful! One of the most important life skills we can teach our kids is how determination and hard work and efforts can bring success!

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