Top 6 Foam Pit Questions Answered

Top 6 Foam Pit Questions Answered

ONE: How Old Does my Child Need to Be?

Foam and ball pits are great fun - AND they are a great way to develop fine motor skills in kids of all ages. Grabbing, catching and throwing the foam or balls will fine tune those skills. We recommend that you purchase foam pits while your kids are young (18 months and up) as they can benefit and play with the pit for many years.

TWO: Are Foam Pits Safe for my Toddler?

Absolutely, and they are so much fun. An added benefit of having one in your home is that you do not need to worry about all the germs that other children could possibly spread if you were to go to a communal play space with a foam or ball pit. We recommend supervising your toddler while in the foam pit.

THREE: Why are Foam Pits Good for my Kids?

Foam and ball pits have therapeutic multi-sensory benefits that provide deep pressure sensation, tactile stimulation, and relaxation. Foam pits are also great for fine motor skills and improving cognitive abilities. It provides year-round entertainment for your kids. You'll be amazed what games they will come up with! We've seen jumping, throwing, stacking, counting and building structures.

FOUR: How Many Foam Cubes do I Need?

If you are purchasing one of our foam pits, we recommend filling it with 256 cubes for the 5’ x 5’ x 2’, 320 cubes for the 6’x6’x2’, and using 448 cubes for our 8’ x 8’ x 2’ foam pit. For the mini foam pit we recommend 150 mini cubes.

FIVE: What Type of Foam is Used?

Our Foam Cubes are made of 45 ILD polyurethane foam with a density of 1.45 pounds. They are also fire retardant.

SIX: Design Recommendations

Hanging monkey bars right above the foam pit is always a big hit. Your kids can fall right into an ocean of foam cubes! Add our triangle soft shape for additional fun. Your kids can run, tumble and jump right in and out! All our foam products are available in several colors.

If you are planning to mount the monkey bars next to a wall with rock wall holds we recommend to place them 18 inches off the wall. If the monkey bars are mounted next to an empty wall we recommend 12 inches off the wall.


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