How to Install DIY Climbing Wall

How to Install DIY Climbing Wall



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Are your kids climbing the walls? Rock wall climbing provides hours of fun! It also increases flexibility, strength, fine and gross motor skills as well as boosting children's self-esteem and confidence.

Customized size
Budget friendly
Paint your own color
Add a design
Add a mural decal
Easily add monkey bars

Screws leave holes if you want to change route
Lots of screws in your wall
Takes longer to install than ready made panels

Your walls will determine what type of screws are needed to safely attach the hard wood panels. We recommend consulting with a licensed General Contractor to evaluate your space and walls for safety for all installations, including the purchase of wooden panels and hardware.

Attach panels to wall

Prime & paint or add mural decal

Mark where holds should go

Step by Step

1. Go to your local home improvement store to buy hard wood panels. Most stores will cut panels to size.

2. Panels need to be at least 3/4" thick, but screw-on holds are best suited for a 1” thick wall to get maximum thread engagement.

3. Install plywood panels on top of your walls. Nail every 16" and ensure nails are centered to the wall studs.

4. Caulk and sand the nail holes and plywood for a seamless look and feel.

5. Prime and paint! Paint an unique design or add a wall mural decal. 

6. Plan your climbing route and use painter's tape to mark where you want the holds to go.

7. We recommend 9-12 holds for every 42" x 42" area of wall.

8. If using multiple colored holds mark the tape with the first letter of the color for that spot.

9. Screw in your rock wall holds using the hardware that came with your set.

10. You can use a leveler for a more uniform look of the flatter holds in the set.

11. If you are uncertain about the orientation of a wall hold look for the imprinted smiley face on each piece.

Before screwing on the holds buy one of our wall art decals or paint the hard wood panels. When using paint please check with your local improvement store which paint will last longest with kids climbing on it! And make sure you know where you want each hold before screwing them on, as the screws will leave holes behind if you want to move them.

1, 2, 3 Monkey Bar Install

Measure (We recommend spacing the bars 12” to 18” apart).

Pre-drill hole (More about Monkey Bars - click here).

Screw on (This space used 5/16 x 1-1/2 lag screws).




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