Interview Jon - A Climbing Wall with an Artistic Twist Makes This Bedroom

Interview Jon - A Climbing Wall with an Artistic Twist Makes This Bedroom

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Q: Where are you from?

A: We live in Stamford, CT after migrating from Midtown Manhattan in 2019 (thankfully, before the pandemic craziness began).

Q: How many children do you have and how old are they?
We have one child - an almost five year old girl named Mina.

Q: What inspired you to create this playroom?
My daughter was diagnosed with an immune deficiency just as the pandemic was beginning. As a result we had to take extra precautions for her safety which meant no daycare and no school. An outcome of that was a 'game' of trying to find as many new outdoor playgrounds as possible - public, schools, churches, etc. The goal was to find a new playground every day. This was great when the sun was shining but we had to find a solution for wet weather. That solution started with hanging a swing.

Q: Did you design the space yourself?
We initially hired a local 'Instagram-famous' company to design the room, but they definitely over promised and under-delivered. My wife and I renovated two apartments in NYC prior to moving to CT so had some experience in reshaping a space and what to expect during the process. As a result, we walked away from the deposit and decided to do it ourselves.

Q: What materials were required that were not included in your Project Playroom order?
We needed to purchase bolts to attach the monkey bars to the 2x4s. I don't recall the exact length of the screws we went with, but we did follow the installation advice on the website with a minimum of 2" thickness. And we also chose to install the monkey bars 12" a apart as suggested.

Q: How did you first hear about Project Playroom?

A: Through a Google search. Everything I was finding at home improvement stores like Home Depot or playset companies didn't have the aesthetic we were looking for or were more of a handle for a ladder and not suitable for overhead hanging. Once I landed on the website it was the only choice.

Q: What was your experience like setting up and installing our products?
Very seamless. The hardest part was independent of the products - mainly measurements and ensuring the ceiling could support any additional weight. We attached the monkey bars to the wood prior to hanging on the ceiling. Then it was just a matter of securing to the framing in the attic.

Q: Any design advice for other parents?
: When working with a design company, ask to speak to referrals and/or visit completed sites. When deciding what you want, Pinterest and Google image search were both incredibly helpful building a rough mood board. Whether you're doing this project yourself or looking for a designer's direction, this process will be beneficial in achieving your desired outcome. The last thing I'd highlight is with construction almost anything is 'possible'. It just comes down to level of effort. Well, that and the budget :) So, think outside the box and, even if you think it's not possible, ask. You might be surprised with what is possible.

Q: Did the products you ordered arrive in a timely manner?
 Very quickly - which led me to discover Project Playroom is also located in Stamford. Supporting a local company was the cherry on top!

Q: How long did it take you from start to finish?
We began the process in early October with the not-to-be-named company. By mid-November it was clear we needed to take ownership of the project to achieve the outcome we were hoping for. The core of the room was done by mid-December. The mural was done in 1-2 hour chunks before starting our work day and was completed at the end of January. Overall, much longer than having someone else do it for us - but I think we also have a deeper appreciation for the finished product. While that timeline is definitely not for everyone, a huge benefit was being able to see our daughter interact with the in-progress-areas and make adjustments along the way.



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