Jenny transformed a small space into playroom heaven! ❤️

Q: How many children do you have and how old are they?
I have a five-year old son, and two year-old twins (boy and girl).

Q: What inspired you to create this playroom?
I grew up in a basement apartment with exposed pipes. We loved hanging on them (secretly, of course), so I knew how fun it could be. And as our family grew and our kids seemed to have endless energy, active play at home became more and more important.

And I read about the developmental benefits kids get when they use their full bodies to play, but an immediate benefit that anyone can see is how it helps with emotional regulation.

The movement zone provides my kids with an outlet for their energy, and a place where they can build confidence and imagination, and struggle and try again. They’re developing agency, and I see how much calmer and better behaved they are as a result. And they’ll benefit from this their entire lives.

Investing in a gross motor movement zone has been one of my best parenting decisions.

Q: Did you design it yourself?
: Yes. We live in a small space and it’s pushed me to find ways to optimize our space for our growing family. Every inch matters. So I’ve become really inventive and I’ve learned to adapt our space to best fit the needs of our growing family.

The Project Playroom pieces have transformed our small 9x9 square foot alcove into a 9x9x9 cubic foot movement zone that feels massive and is filled with endless fun.

Q: On a scale of 1-10 how would you rate the quality of Project Playroom products?
: 10, for sure! The strength and the texture of the rock wall and monkey bars are top notch. For a home setup, this is incredibly impressive.

Q: Is NYC delivery for rock wall panels difficult? Any tricks/tips?
: It was a freight delivery, so the hardest part was waiting for a garbage pickup day to get rid of the palette. Other than that, it was just like any home delivery.

Q: What materials were required that were not included in your Project Playroom order?
: I only had to get screws and drill bits, which were cheap and I found easily at my local Home Depot.

Q: What was your experience like setting up and installing our products?
: The process was straightforward and reassuring. Once the frame was anchored (and it was easy to see how securing it worked), everything else just snapped into place.

Q: How did you first hear about Project Playroom?
I saw an Instagram post of your rock wall and I couldn’t believe that such a thing was available for in-home use. It was a fantasy - within reach!

Q: Any design advice for other parents?
I recommend putting dress up clothes near a movement zone. I did and it creates a strong synergy, elevating both imagination and movement play. It becomes a creative, storytelling type of play that’s deep and builds the brain and the body. And it works for independent play and play for the whole family together.


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