From June 10th till June 18th

Children learn by doing, and “active play” offers them an opportunity to strengthen their bodies and minds through movement. It's the perfect way to reset after a long day of traditional learning.

Follow us on Instagram or Facebook to keep on eye on the Active Play challenges we will be highlighting the next 2 weeks. You can participate in all or some, whatever your child enjoys most! 

Now is your chance to showcase your child at play for a chance to win $300 gift certificate!


Challenge A: Project Hangtime

How long can you hang onto your monkey bars or rope? Or how far can you swing across your monkey bars?

Challenge B: Swing and Sway

Show us how you swing and sway during playtime!

Challenge C: Collect 'em all

Place rubber balls, stuffed animals, or other soft toys in between your monkey bars, and show us how you kick and pull them out with your hands and feet while swinging on your monkey bars!

Challenge D: Free Play

It’s your time to shine! Show us your child’s favorite activity!

Challenge E: Family Time

No matter what your family looks like, family time together is super important! Show us how you hang out together or play together!


All it takes is the following three steps:
1. Post your video on your own Instagram account
2. Tag @projectplayrooms
3. Add hashtag: #projectplayroom

Winner will be drawn from all the entries on June 19th (more entires = higher chance)
If you have any questions send us a DM via Instagram or email us at


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