How To Set Up Monkey Bars Indoors In 8 Steps

How To Set Up Monkey Bars Indoors In 8 Steps

Monkey bars provide a fun and challenging form of physical exercise that all kids LOVE! You must have witnessed the laughter of children as they swing across a row of bars or the joy radiating from their faces when they challenge themselves to go backward or skip a bar. Monkey bars, an integral part of childhood playgrounds, can now be a part of your indoor playroom, fostering both physical health and creativity.

Project Playroom prides itself on bringing stylish and sensory-rich products into homes across the United States. Our monkey bars are not just made of simple metal. Our team of designers and educators have designed our monkey bars with select beautiful paint colors and finishes in 3 sizes and shapes so every family can bring monkey bars of their choice into their homes. Discover how to build monkey bars in a few easy steps.

Select Appropriate Monkey Bar Equipment

The design and length of the monkey bars matter. Assess the age and skill level of the children who will be using the equipment. For younger children, consider a design with closer bars and lower heights to prevent falls. For older kids, higher bars and unique shapes on the ceiling layout add a challenging twist that keeps them engaged. Project Playrooms sells monkey bars in 3 lengths, and the longest monkey bar is great for incorporating more of a ninja circuit.

Prepare the Walls and Ceilings

Preparing the wall and ceiling is the next crucial step. Start by selecting where the monkey bars will be installed. We suggest consulting a licensed professional to evaluate the space and open the ceiling or wall to add support where needed.

The location and height of your monkey bars play a significant role in the safety and durability of the structure. Depending on your location, you may need to install wooden supports or other reinforcements. This method secures the structure firmly on the ceiling or wall, safeguarding it against wobbling or loosening. Investing time in preparing a safe and supported location not only prolongs the life of your monkey bars but also ensures that they remain a safe place for children to play.

Assemble the Structure Safely

Safety should be your paramount concern when installing monkey bars. It's important first to build out the supports and then locate where each monkey bar will go. Your licensed contractor will need to purchase screws for the actual installation of each monkey bar. You may decide to attach the monkey bars to the walls and ceilings or you may have your contractor build out the actual supports/ structure for the monkey bars with 2 by 4s. If the contractor does this, they will need to secure this structure first to the walls, ceiling, and floors before attaching the bars.

Ensure the Bars Are Spaced Correctly

Spacing the bars correctly is key to the usability and safety of the monkey bars. Incorrectly spaced bars can make it too challenging for children to reach the next bar, which can lead to possible falls or injuries. You should refer to the guidelines provided by your manufacturer regarding bar spacing. They must have included recommendations suitable for the model you've chosen.

It's crucial to measure each bar's distance from the other accurately. Double-checking these measurements during installation can mitigate mistakes. The goal is to have a uniform and safe reach distance between each bar. Correct spacing makes the monkey bars accessible and enjoyable for children, enhancing the value of your playground addition.

Secure the Bars and Structure Firmly

Securing the bars firmly in place cements the safety of your play space. All bolts and screws need to be tightened as per the instructions. But do not overtighten, as it can damage the equipment and impact its stability.

Run a thorough check once the assembly is complete. All the bars should be sturdy with no wobble. The structure should be strong with zero movement when force is applied. Re-check all hardware to ensure they remain firm. A secure structure bolsters confidence in the safety of your monkey bars, paving the way for worry-free play and fun-filled adventure.

Install Safety Surfacing

Once the monkey bars are firmly set up, the next critical step is installing the right safety surfacing. This layer softens any falls and minimizes injury risk. Choices for your surfacing material can range from soft materials like rubber tiles, mats or foam pits. The surfacing must extend at least 6 feet from your equipment to provide ample cushioned space around it.

When installing these materials, follow the instructions for proper installation. Safety surfacing is a pivotal step that promotes worry-free fun and guards against unexpected accidents.

Inspect for Sharp Edges and Hazards

Ongoing safety rests on regular inspections. New hazards may appear over time, which is why it is imperative to keep an eye out for sharp edges and other potential safety concerns. Walk around the setup, run your hands along the bars, and thoroughly inspect any bolts or hardware for protrusion or sharpness.

Ensure all the bars remain secure and firm. Screws and bolts should still be tight, and there shouldn’t be any parts that can pinch or trap. Regular and meticulous inspection safeguards against unseen hazards and optimizes the longevity and safety of your monkey bars.

Add Accessories and Climbing Features

To amplify the fun and appeal of your monkey bars, consider adding accessories and climbing features. Rock walls, rope ladders, or a climbing net attached near the monkey bars can introduce more fun and physical challenges. Adding kid-friendly gym rings near the bars can also be a hit.

When choosing accessories and climbing features, keep in mind the varied capabilities and heights of children who'll be using the play area. Accessories should amplify the fun quotient and not pose a risk. Always ensure any added features are securely installed and regularly inspected alongside the monkey bars. Remember, these additions should accentuate the fun without compromising on safety.

Let’s Create a Ninja Circuit

Taking the traditional concept of a ninja circuit to a whole new level, our ninja products offer an exciting twist and add on to the monkey bar area. Our beautiful modern ninja ladders and hanging grabbers exploit the idea of fun and challenge and incorporate it impressively into a challenging circuit.

Get in touch, and let's start building the most beautiful and innovative indoor climbing and ninja circuits of your child's dreams.


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