Q: How many children do you have and how old are they?
Finley- 7, Lucas- 4, Bay- 2

Q: Where are you located?
I am located in Beverly Hills, California.

Q: What inspired you to create this playroom?
I came across Project Playroom on Instagram and became obsessed! We just finished construction of our house, and the second story is dedicated to the children. When we began designing the children’s rooms, they wanted a rock wall, but that concept ended up being replaced by more practical things like shelves and a bay window. And while the kids loved their rooms, they were disappointed that they didn’t have their special rock walls.

I put hanging chairs in each of their rooms, hoping that that would suffice, but it wasn’t enough to satisfy their need to climb and hang and flip.

I had an extra little unused nook upstairs, and figured it was the perfect spot to create a dedicated playroom for the children. I thought that it would be even more special if it was a surprise for Christmas.

Since the children are used to construction workers and areas of the house that were off-limits, 3 days before Christmas we put up tarps and caution signs in front of the playroom area and told them that it was dangerous on the other side and they couldn’t open the plastic. Then my guys went to work! Before they took the tarps down, we put up wrapping paper, so all we had to do was remove the tarp in the middle of the night, and their playroom gift was wrapped and ready!

Q: Did you design the space yourself?
I designed it with the help of my contractor.

Q: Were any materials required that were not included in your Project Playroom order?
My contractor purchased large pieces of plywood which they painted. We also had to drop the ceiling a couple of feet so that the monkey bars weren’t too high up. It took a day to drop and reinforce the ceiling as well as put up the plywood. The next day, the wood was painted and the equipment was put up and we were ready!

Q: What was your experience like setting up and installing our products?
It was easy for me! I simply hired my contractor and he had his guys come over and do it.



Q: Any design advice for other parents?
Be realistic about your kids’, ages and heights, as well as their growth and growing interests and abilities. Try something that you don’t know for certain that they will enjoy, because maybe they’ve just never tried it before or been exposed to the activity in a comfortable setting like your home.

Historically, my kids have not been comfortable with monkey bars, but now they love how they can combine the monkey bars with the trapeze and the rock climbing. It’s a great mix of equipment and activity so that they can do a make your own adventure.

Q: Any construction tips for other parents?
In constructing the area, I realized that there is a window very close to the rock wall, and it felt like that could be dangerous. So I had a piece of plexiglass cut and screwed over the entire window area in order to keep the light and also maintain the safety of my children.

Q: Did the products you ordered arrive in a timely manner?
They not only arrived in a timely manner, but they were beautiful and strong and much better quality than I expected.

Q: How long did it take you to complete from start to finish?
2 days. My kids were so excited on Christmas morning that they ran up to see their new gift at 4 AM! My seven-year-old exclaimed that the climbing room has made our home the most amazing house in the world and it has definitely increased the value of our house. He loves telling people that he has his own personal climbing gym in his home.


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