Playroom Trends for 2021 and into 2022 By Project Playroom

Playroom Trends for 2021 and into 2022 By Project Playroom

Playroom Trends for 2021 and into 2022 By Project Playroom

Color Should be bold and fun, and doesn’t have to be prime time!   “When you think of a kids’ play space, you think of primary colors and bad design,” Davies says. When she consults a client about a Project Playroom, she approaches it like any other interior. “I get to know the client, who they are, what they like and design the space like I was designing their house. But, I get to go bananas with it and push the envelope because it’s a playspace.”

Many times Denise designs a space with neutral bones and infuses pops of color with the furniture and accessories. This room was designed by D2 Interieurs.

Photo courtesy of Project Playroom.

1. What type of physical play is most in demand? 
“Families just love and adore our monkey bars. Since we love a variety of ways to get up and down to the monkey bars. We are also seeing a lot of families install a climbing rope and rock wall so there are 2 different ways to get up and down to the monkey bars.” - Karri

Photo courtesy of Project Playroom.

2. What  are clients most requesting? 

“Every room deserves good design, including the playroom,” Davies says. “The perfect kids’ play spaces should be enjoyed by the kids and appreciated by the adults. Now more than ever, parents are understanding the need for well-designed educational products for their playroom.”

The map in this D2 Interieurs Playroom is graphic, colorful and educational!

3. What has most changed in the playroom design world since Covid.  Do you see that trend moving forward to 2022?

“There are really two major changes that have occurred during Covid", says Karri. “First, families are looking a bit more closely at their playrooms and realize they aren’t quite as functional or engaging as they could be. This of course makes them want to make some changes. 

Secondly, parents love having their kids home and now that most children are back in school, they want their kids and their friends to come to their house. So how did they do this? By making the playroom AMAZING, age appropriate with lots of fun and engaging activities.”

Project Playroom was hired to do just that in Greenwich. Karri recently completed this space for a client.

UNPLUG! No electronics and put down the devices. Less screen time is the on-going trend for playrooms going into 2022!

“I see a lot of families understanding that engaging kids in a screen free space is so awesome! So more than ever families are looking to create nooks and studios that encourage kids to be creative… art studios, crafting nooks with glue guns etc…, stages and areas that encourage performing, singing and musical instruments and lego areas where kids can engage in open ended building and playing,” says Karri.

Some additional highlights from some Project Playroom projects.

Here are some great supporting articles and resources on getting your kids off screens:

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