6 Awesome Ideas for your kids’ work space

6 Awesome Ideas for your kids’ work space

6 Awesome Ideas for your kids’ work space

After working together on a project, former educator Karri Bowen-Poole, founder of Smart Playrooms and interior designer Denise Davies, founder of D2 Interieurs realized they had a unique set of skills—and combined their expertise to create Project Playroom. 

“It is vital to create a designated space to work or study from home,” says Davies. “Get the kids out of the bedroom if you can!” says Karri. 

 Key elements include a solid work surface area, closed storage, and some pops of color.

Here is an example of a work space designed by Smart Playrooms.

When in doubt, paint the ceiling. Don’t be afraid of saturated colors. Take a look at this work, study and chess lesson kids space designed by D2 Interieurs.

A few more of their great ideas:


1. An inviting area for painting, arts, crafts, puzzles and games.



2. Floor space for building and playing with blocks, Legos, animals, people and vehicles.

3. Comfortable, age-appropriate seating.



4.An area to play pretend, with dress-up clothes, a kitchen set, baby dolls, pretend food and other open-ended toys.


5. An active zone with either a swing, rope, climbing wall or monkey bars.



6. A performance area with instruments and/or a stage space.



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