Build the Playroom of your Dreams! Start with adding these 5 elements!

Build the Playroom of your Dreams! Start with adding these 5 elements!

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Build the Playroom of your Dreams! Start with adding these 5 elements!

Karri + Denise = Project Playroom

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Expert Recommendations from Karri Bowen-Poole Founder of Smart Playrooms and 

Denise Davies, Founder of D2 Interieurs

Images courtesy of Smart Playrooms

We love Monkey Bars! Why, do you ask?  Karri believes that movement literally lights up a child’s brain! In addition, monkey bars develop kid’s gross and fine motor skills, as well as greatly increasing their confidence levels because they are challenging. 

Image courtesy of Smart Playrooms

Denise believes movement is something that comes so naturally to kids, so why not give them some soft play shapes to encourage creative thinking, problem-solving and socializing? Karri loves that these shapes also allow children to creatively set up obstacle courses, challenging circuits or even a fort or playhouse. Soft play also helps children develop a variety of gross motor skills, including balancing, jumping, skipping, climbing, crawling and running.

Furman Communal Playroom, Brooklyn NY designed by Project Playroom

Denise and Karri love organizing toys and they know exactly how to make them accessible and easy for kids to independently choose their toys and clean up afterwards. These felt storage bins are great to store all kinds of toys and materials and they come in AMAZING colors to complement any playroom decor.

This MONTESSORI and REGGIO inspired mat is easy to fold and perfect to encourage tumbling, somersaults, handstands and more! Did you know that movement actually helps kids to focus and feel more calm? Not to mention, of course, kids can also learn their ABC’s. 

Photo courtesy of Smart Playrooms 

Are you looking to completely transform a corner in your playroom? Do you want to  WOW your kids and their friends? Karri, Founder of Smart Playrooms designed this active area to encourage climbing and swinging, while also including beautiful wall decor. We sell all these items in the Project Playroom shop. The custom wall decal is easy to place on and off any wall. 

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