Q: Where are you located?
Westchester, NY

Q: How many children do you have and how old are they?
I have three children: an 8-year-old boy and 6-year-old boy-girl twins.

Q: How did you first hear about Project Playroom?
A family friend introduced us to Project Playroom!

Q: How might this space help your relationship with your children?
Before we had our Project Playroom installed, they were too addicted to their iPads and Nintendo Switch which was so frustrating for me to watch, especially as a fitness coach! They now opt to play in their new playroom together rather than spending solo time on screens which makes everyone, especially Mom, happy!

Q: How has the space contributed to your health and recovery?
Personally, I use the mats for my weekly mat workouts. Such a great, cushioned place to slowly get back to my workout routine. What amazes me is the versatility of the space: I just unhook the hanging equipment and I have my own LARGE gym mat to stretch and do workouts on. Much better than a yoga mat where my movements are confined.

Q: What were your goals in creating this space for your children?
To encourage more active play in an age of sedentary activities like watching tv, playing on iPads or video games. As a fitness coach and fit mama, my hope is to instill my passion for fitness and exercise in my children at a young age through play. I also wanted to encourage them to play together more, and I can definitely see that happening more and more with our Project Playroom.

Q: What was your experience like setting up and installing our products?
We were fortunate to have a contractor who is a close friend and his team handled the setup and install. I couldn’t believe how quickly everything was installed and our basement was transformed!

Q: Any design advice for others?
The best advice is to make sure the products are positioned in a way that connects them all in a system with multiple ways to play. For example: a ladder up the wall connects to monkey bars which go all the way across to the other side but also there is a rope or hanging rope ladder you can climb up to or down from the monkey bars. I also HIGHLY recommend the exercise rings judging by how much all my kids fight over that particular piece of equipment!

Q: Did the products you ordered arrive in a timely manner?
Yes, the delivery was seamless and products arrived promptly. Very fast shipping! Plus, I appreciated the follow-up emails once a product was ordered, shipped and delivered.

Q: How long did it take to complete the room from start to finish?
Two weeks, including allowing the paint to dry. The actual installation of the products was completed within a day!

Q: If you could add more products from our store what might you add?
I would love the cocoon chair and the ninja cones and balls to add to the monkey bars.


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